Two actors in rehearsals for the Winter's Tale

A Tale for Winter

Nottingham Shakespeare Company are bringing their stripped back, inclusive and accessible shows in from the cold. The Winter’s Tale will see them playing inside for the first time, at venues including Southwell Minster and Lincoln Cathedral, in their first ever Winter Season from 25th January 2023.

Find their poster with showtimes here.

The venue doors won’t be a barrier.

“We learned, during the pandemic, the importance of art and culture in a crisis.”

says Producer, Rachel Pillsbury.

“Our tickets will be available for anyone struggling. Alongside free Saturday matinees, there will be free ticket codes to food banks, warm hubs and community organisations and we want to make as many seats as possible ‘pay what you can’.”

What makes Nottingham Shakespeare Company different is that they are determined to welcome all to Shakespeare by actively seeking theatre makers and audiences who may not feel represented by Shakespeare. “We cast ‘blind’. We don’t have any fixed ideas. If a younger actor can rock Malvolio or a wheelchair user can ace Beatrice then we will cast them. Our ensemble has featured brilliant actors, particularly from the disabled, LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent communities, and from all levels of experience, and we have thrived because of that diversity.” says Artistic Director, Michelle-Louise Wright.

All NSC productions run at 90 minutes without an interval.

“We don’t lose any of Shakespeare’s language or ‘translate’ but you are immediately swept into the story. Our actors and directors work with the script actively, not a lot of sit-down reading, using their whole body and voice to connect with the words and therefore with the audience.”

The shows have been in publicly accessible spaces around Nottingham and this season they’re branching out, to Southwell, Lincoln and beyond.

One summer show reviewer said,

“I am not into Shakespeare. I thought it was going to be hard work but within minutes, I had forgotten and just got caught by the characters, the story and laughing myself daft!”

NSC’s The Winter’s Tale aims to take the best bits of their raucous summer romps and explore something at times much darker – and it will be something for everyone to see.

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Posted on 04 January 2023

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