Emma and Michael smiling for a selfie at Chtistmas at Wollaton.

Christmas at Wollaton visitor moved to tears after ‘utterly magical’ trip to lights trail

A woman has been moved to tears after an “utterly magical” trip to Christmas at Wollaton.

Emma Knutzen visited Nottinghamshire’s only festive lights trail with her partner Michael Boyle on Saturday, December 2, and described the experience as, “like stepping out of the wardrobe and into Narnia.”

Emma, 47 had never visited the popular event, which has become the jewel in the crown of Nottingham’s Christmas celebrations.

Michael, 54, had promised to take Emma this year after visiting in 2022, and fortunately, she was so impressed with 2023’s all-new trail that she decided to write a poem about her experience – the first to be written about Christmas at Wollaton.

She said:

“It was an incredible event.

“It was like stepping out of the wardrobe and into Narnia. You could well believe that fairies, elves, and a host of other magical creatures lived there.

“There was music playing as you walked around and I got so overwhelmed with the magic and beauty of it all, the tears started to flow.”

Emma, who lives in Huddersfield, had travelled down to Nottinghamshire, Michael’s home county, especially for the event.

She added:

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to see this, as I don’t know of anything like it in Huddersfield.”

Christmas at Wollaton is a Christmas lights trail hosted in the stunning grounds of Wollaton Hall Gardens and Deer Park.

The 2023 multi-sensory festive spectacle welcomes brand-new illuminations while bringing back much-loved classics.

Guests are invited to walk around the completely new route which comprises 15 key zones, weaving through the formal Victorian gardens and Camellia House, combining visual and audio effects with a finale in the front of the impressive façade of Wollaton Hall.

The poem reads:


Christmas at Wollaton Park, enchantment fills the air

As you stroll through the lanes, a magical affair

With misty visage, the scene comes to life

A world of wonder, free from any strife.


A tunnel of lights, leading you on a quest

To a place where creatures of magic manifest

Like stepping out of a mystical wardrobe, into a dream

A snow globe of beauty, a magical theme.


The fairies adorn the trees, twinkling as they dance

The grass aglow with fireflies, if you take a  sneaky glance

Voices ethereal, serenading in the night

Emotional tears well up, a breathtaking sight.


A forest of gum drops, twirling in a daze

Unveiling treasures, not found in any maze

A greenhouse of flowers, from Alice’s tale

Colours illuminating, making the cold air pale.


A family of deer grazing beneath starry skies

Bright as Jupiter and Mars, a sight that mystifies

Lazers piercing the heavens, casting a magical spell

Like a child’s delight, a thousand tales they tell.


A carousel spins with joyous delight

Children squealing with glee, holding on tight.

Hot cocoa and marshmallows warm our souls

As we amble through this enchanting stroll.


Christmas at Wollaton Park, a magical escape

Where dreams come true and memories take shape.

A place where young and old gather as one

To celebrate the holidays and have family fun!


So go along and experience the magic yourself

At Wollaton Park, where Christmas is felt.

A place where miracles happen and joy is found

In every corner of this wondrous ground.


For more information and to book your tickets, visit www.christmasatwollaton.org

Twitter and Instagram @wollatonlights

Facebook @wollatonhall

Posted on 15 December 2023

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