Marketing Nottingham’s team

Marketing Nottingham Team

Robert Dixon

Interim Chief Executive

Vanessa Corns

Executive Assistant

Juanisha Bean

Finance Officer

Marketing and Communications Team

Kinga Kapias

Marketing and Communications Manager

Jack Woolley

Communications and PR Specialist

Katherine Taylor 

Marketing Executive

Katie Beard

Marketing Executive – Inward Investment

Partnerships Team

Annette Thornley

Commercial Partnerships Manager

Anna Scott

Commercial Partnerships Executive

Saria Rhodes

Business Development Assistant

Rachel Stewart

Events Manager – Meet in Nottingham

Invest in Nottingham Team

Lorraine Baggs

Head of Investment

Raj Birring

Business Expansion Specialist

James Mann

Business Expansion Specialist

Nicolle Ndiweni

Business Expansion Specialist

Leona Bowery

Events and Projects Manager

Emma Smith

Marketing Intelligence and Strategy Development Manager

Natalie Williams

Partners Manager – Nottingham Partners

Nottingham Tourism Centre Team

Simon Redgate

Nottingham Tourism Centre Manager 

Robert Scoffings

Information Assistant

Verity Mussen

Information Assistant

Kit Clarke

Information Assistant

Anna Miralles

Information Assistant