Clearly delicious: Clear Drop Rum by DropWorks Wins Multiple Golds in Prestigious Awards

Clear Drop Rum, the very first Rum released by DropWorks only last year, has proudly secured top honours in not one, but two prestigious competitions. Awarded by industry experts in the Spirits Business Rum and Cachaca Masters, Clear Drop Rum won Gold in its category, with a similar story in the CLASS Bartenders Brand Awards where Clear Drop was awarded Gold for taste.

The Spirits Business Rum and Cachaca Masters, as well as the CLASS Bartenders Brand Awards, are renowned for recognising excellence in the spirits industry, with a rigorous judging process that evaluates products based on their taste, quality, and overall appeal. Clear Drop Rum’s gold medal wins in both competitions is truly paving the way for the brand as a leading player in the global spirits market.

Impressing judges and bartenders alike, Clear Drop Rum by DropWorks’ exceptional flavour profile and impeccable craftsmanship is continually receiving praise, proving that it is not just any other light Rum. The double gold victories at both the Spirits Business Rum and Cachaca Masters and the CLASS Bartenders Brand Awards underscores the unwavering commitment of DropWorks to excellence in quality and innovation in the industry.

“We are thrilled and honoured to receive such incredible recognition for our first ever launch, our DropWorks Clear Drop Rum,”

said Lewis Hayes, CEO & Founder at DropWorks.

“These accolades are a testament to the dedication and passion of our team in creating a Rum of such incredible taste and high quality – we couldn’t agree more! We are deeply grateful to the judges and industry experts for acknowledging Clear Drop’s distinctive flavour and character, especially with it being our first Drop – imagine what we have been working on since!”.

Clear Drop Rum is made from scratch right here in Nottinghamshire, where the team of experts use the finest raw materials to ferment and distil the spirit at their state of the art Distillery, the DropWorks Rum Distillery, which happens to be the largest Rum Distillery in Europe! This spirit is meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients, including the brands world-first trinity yeast strain that isn’t available anywhere else.

The final result is a crisp, fresh yet smooth, clean, and versatile spirit that captivates the senses. Its exquisite taste profile has earned it a devoted following among connoisseurs and mixologists, who appreciate its ability to elevate cocktails and delight the palate in a way that is truly extraordinary. Tasting notes include vanilla ice cream, blueberries, fresh green apples, summer berries and walnuts.

For further information about Clear Drop Rum, or to arrange a visit to the DropWorks Distillery to learn more, visit

Posted on 11 March 2024

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