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EMR awarded autism friendly certification

  • EMR recognised by national charity for its work on providing an autistic-friendly environment
  • Certification given by the National Autistic Society
  • Award highlights EMR’s commitment to accommodate the needs of autistic individuals and their families

East Midlands Railway (EMR) has been recognised by a national charity for providing an autism-friendly environment.

The award, given by the National Autistic Society, is in recognition of EMR’s autism-friendly practices and demonstrates it has met a certain set of standards to offer its customers an autism-friendly service.

To receive the certification EMR had to make sure:

  • Employees understood how to effectively communicate with autistic people
  • Spaces were more accessible and less overwhelming for autistic people
  • Information about venues was easily available to help autistic people plan their visit

Emma Davis, Head of Customer Experience at East Midlands Railway, said:

“We are proud to receive the Autism Friendly Award from the National Autistic Society.

“We have always been committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all our customers, including those on the autism spectrum.

“This recognition reaffirms our dedication to providing an autism-friendly service and highlights the importance of understanding and accommodating the needs of autistic individuals and their families.”

Christine Flintoft-Smith, Head of Autism Accreditation at the National Autistic Society, said:

“We’d like to congratulate East Midlands Railway on achieving our new Autism Friendly Award. Every organisation that gains the Autism Friendly Award will be helping to make the UK a more autism-friendly place and make a difference to the lives of autistic people and their families.

“There are lots of small changes which businesses can make to better support autistic people, and just a little understanding can go a long way. We’re looking forward to working with as many businesses as possible to help create a society that works for autistic people.”

The Autism Friendly Award is a leading accreditation programme set up by the National Autistic Society to help businesses play their part in creating more welcoming environments and making a difference to the lives of autistic people throughout the UK.

Posted on 07 August 2023

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