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An important partnership has been formed between Tramlink, which operates Nottingham Express Transit (NET), and the Consent Coalition to help promote safer travel around Nottingham.

NET is the first transport operator in the city to become a supporter of the Consent Coalition, which is a group of 30 Nottingham organisations, working together to raise awareness of the importance of consent, and challenge misinformation around sexual violence.

Launched in 2020, the Consent Coalition partners stand united against all sexual violence and pledge to promote responsible attitudes towards consent, while challenging the misinformation surrounding the topic. The collective also works hard to encourage sexual violence survivors to access vital support.

Becoming a supporter of the Consent Coalition is just one of a number of initiatives and measures NET has in place to help make Nottingham safer. Other measures include well-lit stations and platforms, HD CCTV cameras on all trams, emergency help buttons at all stops and on all trams, and the ability to contact a member of the team discreetly through WhatsApp on 0115 824 6060.

Alison Sweeney, Head of Marketing at Tramlink, said:

“The safety of all our tram users is always our prime concern. We already have a number of safety measures in place across the network which all aim to help the people of Nottingham get around safely. However, becoming a supporter of the Consent Coalition is another important way in which we’re helping to make a stand against all sexual violence.  

“We stand together with the rest of the Consent Coalition to say that Nottingham will never tolerate any form of sexual violence, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone feels comfortable travelling in the city while using our tram network.”

The Consent Coalition focuses on nine key aims which include, a no tolerance approach, improved understanding, empowerment of victims, empathy, exposing myths and providing access to valuable resources.

Louise Graham, Sexual Violence Lead and Nottingham Consent Coalition co-ordinator, said:

“The Consent Coalition recognises how important it is to work together to tackle sexual violence. By having positive conversations on consent, we challenge sexual violence myths, behaviours and attitudes. The more you know, the more you can influence positive change. We work hard to empower all survivors of sexual violence to seek support, and to report all sexual assaults to the police.  

 “Since our launch, the Consent Coalition is now nationally recognised as a best practice model of coordinated partnership work, setting a precedence for other cities. We are really proud that NET is adopting a zero-tolerance stance towards sexual violence by supporting the Consent Coalition and sharing safe, trustworthy, healthy information on consent on their public platforms.” 

To find out more about Tramlink, visit:, and for more information on the Consent Coalition, visit:

Posted on 16 May 2023

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