Contemporary artwork to be on display at Izwi.


IZWI, the newest commercial art house in the East Midlands and London, announces the opening of its business on August 25th & 26th, 2023, in Nottingham. Founded by Zimbabwean Native Rutendo Ngwena, Izwi aims to provide a dedicated and influential platform for contemporary African art to express itself, challenge perspectives, evoke emotions, and shape its own narrative for the future.

The art house is a multi-dimensional space seamlessly integrating Contemporary African art into everyday spaces, adding to the diaspora’s growing contemporary art scene. The decision to open this space was motivated by the fusion of passion and purpose and the mission to redefine the narrative of contemporary African art and Expression.

The art-house name takes root from the Shona Language, one of the official languages of Zimbabwe. The word, Izwi, means a word or voice. In this context, it embodies what is at the core of the creation of this enterprise, a movement that aims to amplify the artistic voices of Africa and its global diaspora.

Situated at the crossroads of creative dynamism, Izwi Art House emerges as a beacon in the heart of Nottingham and the London art scene. The decision to establish this artistic haven has been informed by the founders’ personal connections and the affluent and upscale lifestyle these vibrant cities offer. The combination of top-notch amenities and strategic positioning has solidified these cities as the perfect springboard for this art house.

As a cultural nucleus, Izwi Art is dedicated to fostering intercultural connections. This initiative serves as a catalyst for profound collaborations, echoing the rhythm of contemporary African creativity. The gallery’s inaugural exhibition, aptly titled “Izwi Presents,” is poised to herald this movement with the dynamic expressions of artists trailblazing new paths in contemporary art.

Founder Rutendo passionately shares,

“Izwi Art House stands not only as a sanctuary for art enthusiasts but as a transformative force that elevates the resonance of African art on the global stage. Our travelling gallery is a living moving canvas nurturing growth and establishing connections through exhibitions across the U.K where stories, identities, and cultures converge to create a symphony of voices.”

Izwi will open its doors on August 25 & 26, 2023, at Cleaver & Wake, Nottingham, with a group show featuring ten artists of African descent; Bigey Rihanata (BF), Bokani Tshidzu (ZW), Mudiwa Marasa (ZW), Natasha Kudita (ZW), Nene Mahlangu (SA), Nthabiseng Boledi Kekana (SA), Progress Nyandoro (ZW), Sisqo Ndombe (CM), Tamary Kudita (ZW) and Yasser Claud-Ennin (NG). The team anticipates welcoming collectors, institutions, businesses, press, artists, and art enthusiasts from Nottingham and beyond to celebrate and participate in this milestone.

Posted on 18 August 2023

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