Man giving a tour of one of the caverns at the Heights of Abraham

Visitors discover the “Chill Factor” at the Heights of Abraham, despite the 30 degree heat

The award winning Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath has seen a sudden surge in the demand for cavern tours, as visitors head underground to cool off in the naturally refrigerated cave network beneath the popular visitor attraction.

The caverns provide a natural temperature of between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius despite it being 30 degrees outside.

Of the two caverns offering guided tours, the Rutland Cavern is the coolest, delivering a very satisfactory 5 degrees due to the mine shaft, which acts like a chimney, causing any warmer air to rise out of the cavern. For those who like their cave tours 2 degrees warmer, the Masson Cavern stills provides a welcome chill-factor at 6 to 7 degrees.  Both caverns offer professionally guided tours throughout the day.

Russ Hubber, Rutland Cavern Guide (pictured) briefs people before they go on their tour; “On a day like today, when the temperature is 30 degrees outside, people look at us a bit strange when we ask them to wrap up warm before the tour, buy once inside, they’re glad they did. And once the tour is over, and visitors step back outside it feels like walking off a plane and arriving on some tropical island” he added.

Here are five ways to cool down if your planning to visit the Heights of Abraham this week.

  1. Both caverns are a constant 6 – 7 degrees Celsius – how cool is that?
  2. The well ventilated cable cars are a breeze, with fresh air and great views to enjoy.
  3. Chill with a scrumptious Matlock Meadows Ice Cream, from cows just over the hill!
  4. Take a stroll down the shaded serpentine paths that weave around the 60 acre estate, with some great picnic spots along the way.
  5. Enjoy a meal or a drink beneath the sunshades on the Blue Terrace or in the Vista Restaurant overlooking spectacular views across the Derwent Valley.

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Posted on 12 July 2022

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