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Artists, creatives and entrepreneurs try out technologies that are transforming the future of business

Local businesses from Nottingham and Derby are being given the chance to test out new technology, including holograms, 3D animation, and virtual reality headsets, which are reshaping how companies interact with customers.

A series of free workshops will run throughout this month to show creative industry leaders how immersive technology can be used to reach new audiences, engage customers in a more impactful way, create better customer experiences and ultimately help businesses to achieve their full potential.

The programme has been devised by the LEADD:NG project at the University of Nottingham, which was established to help local businesses recover after the pandemic, and the sessions will run at the University’s brand new Virtual Immersive Production studio.

Helen Kennedy, Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Nottingham, is leading the project. She explains:

“We have put together a really fantastic package of expertise and opportunity, to open up our facilities to as wide a network as possible.  We are particularly keen to reach those in our community who might feel that they lack the skill to engage with immersive technologies, or those who are curious but lacking in confidence.  All our sessions are designed to provide entry level participation and the team are skilled and welcoming facilitators.”

This is one of the very last opportunities for businesses to receive support from the ERDF funded project, which closes in June this year. There are six workshops, each with a different theme, which will run from 15th May until 31st May. They are free to attend but tickets must be booked via Eventbrite.

Posted on 12 May 2023

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