A picture of the herring sculpture made out of old Raleigh bike parts.

Heron Artwork Created from Raleigh Bikes Helps Transform a Neglected Urban Green Space

A heron artwork created from old bikes, a shopping trolley and other rubbish collected from the canal has completed the transformation of a neglected urban green space in Nottingham.

The Wilford Street Ramp project has seen the canalside location given a new lease of life through a partnership between Green Hustle Community Interest Company (CIC) and Canal & Rivers Trust.

Nottingham’s bike maker Raleigh contributed £8,000 to the project which now features the heron created by local artist Michelle Reader from recycled Raleigh bike parts and other waste retrieved from the canal

As well as reclaiming the space for the community, the project raises awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship. The site has been transformed with new habitats, wildlife zones, sensory and edible planting and child friendly interactive features

Wilford Street Ramp, nestled by the canal near Nottingham City Centre, had long suffered from neglect, overrun by ivy and bramble. Recognising its potential as a biodiversity-rich haven, Green Hustle CIC, Canal & Rivers Trust, and local partners embarked on a journey to transform the space into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with native plants and wildlife habitats

Adam Pickering, Green Hustle, said:

”The Wilford Street Ramp Revamp is a shining example of how collaborative efforts and creative vision can transform neglected spaces into vibrant community hubs that celebrate nature and inspire sustainable living.”

This ambitious project united the efforts of local artists, gardeners, and volunteers, alongside the expertise of organisations like Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Nottingham Open Spaces Forum. The venture has empowered the community, sparking conversations about sustainability and impacting the local environment positively. Stakeholders and volunteers joined forces to unlock the site’s potential, culminating in the design by gardener Andy Callow from Sherwood Garden Consultancy.


Posted on 14 August 2023

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