Nottingham-based PYGA Industries launch PYGA Mountainbikes Limited

Set for global expansion, PYGA Industries have today announced their UK based sales, marketing and distribution business with the launch of a brand new website and increased product range, based in Nottingham, UK. PYGA Mountainbikes Limited will take the business to a new level by distributing to a wider range of markets including Europe, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

Founded in 2012 by Patrick Morewood, PYGA Industries is famed for its quality design and handmade production which is the result of a lifetime dedicated to riding, racing, designing and manufacturing frames at the highest level. Over the past 8 years, the PYGA team has evolved into a close-knit family of like-minded people, determined to fulfil the dream of bringing high-end quality bikes to the everyday rider in a friendly and affordable style. Continuing it’s evolution and taking distribution of the frames even wider, the new PYGA Mountainbikes Ltd will uphold the core values of the business, reaching riders in a personal and relaxed way, just a little further around the globe. Design and manufacture will continue in South Africa for onward distribution by PYGA Mountainbikes to the rest of the world, with many of the European frames being assembled and powder coated in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottingham, England.

The brand new will showcase the handcrafted frames better than ever before. Introducing a new feature allowing you to create your dream frame, customers will be able to choose between 15 frame colours and 11 decal options, and the website will automatically show the chosen colour combination giving the customer confidence they have just created their perfect ride.

Partnering with leading brands including Rockshox suspension, Bike Yoke seat posts, Pembree pedals and All Mountain Style frame protection kits, the new website offers the platform to start a bespoke bike build with a much increased product range.

The new website will also bring the names and faces of the PYGA family closer to customers with the contact details of a network of official world-wide distributors and ambassadors. PYGA USA, already established in North America by Howie Zink, will be joined by an increased international family who will be able to speak to and assist local customers by region with the purchase of their PYGA frame.

Patrick Morewood, founder and Director commented; “Today is a very important day for PYGA. It has long been my vision for PYGA to be more than just frames made in South Africa alone, it’s been about my need to create and use my hands as well as inpsiring youngsters to believe we can compete on the world stage. With the creation of PYGA Mountainbikes it is my hope we can reach more young riders around the globe and achieve that belief”.

Duncan McCann, Sales Director said; “After long career in the industry, it’s a great opportunity to be working with Pat and the team by heading up PYGA Mountainbikes, a brand that truly thinks and acts differently. The frames are phenomenal to ride and we have great ambitions to develop the business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, something I’m personally passionate and excited about. Working alongside the rest of the international PYGA family, I can’t wait to take PYGA to the next level”.

Howie Zink, Director of PYGA USA said; “I’m super proud to be part of the growth of PYGA. I’ve had a special feeling about the brand since meeting Pat in South Africa back in 2018 and seeing our first batch of bikes being made right in front of me. I’ve genuinely loved witnessing the smiles and stoke on the faces of my customers over the past two years and am not surprised at all that we need to grow the business to share the dream with shredders world-wide.”

Posted on 20 January 2021

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