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Twinning is winning at Beeston Library

Inspire is participating in the Urban X Change Home Project linking library and adult education services with those of twin library Gütersloh in Germany. Beeston Library and the Gütersloh Adult Education Centre will be coming together for ‘A Day of Democracy’ on Friday 15 September 2023. The two libraries will be linked up live and participate in a cultural exchange of themed events and music throughout the afternoon and evening for members of the public to enjoy.

The event celebrates Broxtowe’s continued relationship with the city of Gütersloh in northern Germany, which have been twinned towns since 1978. This event is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office as part of the Urban X-Change Network, which provides a platform for cross-border cultural and educational activities between nine German Adult Education Centres and their counterparts in the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the USA.

Following a successful Day and Night of Libraries event held between Beeston and Gütersloh libraries earlier this year and two exchange visits, the project comes to an end with the Day of Democracy.

The FREE celebration kicks off at Beeston Library at 2pm with the Cost of living crisis and the Anti-Poverty work (2pm-2.30pm), Intercultural understanding (2.30pm-3pm), Inclusion workshop (3pm-3.30pm) Mental Health and Wellbeing (3.30pm-4pm) LGBTQ+ and gender equality (4pm-4.30pm), Urban Spaces (4.30pm-5pm). There will be opportunities to link civil society groups online during the day, with food and bar available at 5pm. There will be a booked poet Poetry Slam led by Nottingham based  World Jam between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. Following that our German partners are going to stream some live music to enjoy. People can drop into the library to join in during the afternoon but booking a FREE ticket is advised for our civil society exchange and Poetry Slam at

Peter Gaw, Chief Executive Officer at Inspire, said; “We are delighted to be partnering with Gütersloh Adult Education and Library services again this September in a day of democracy. It’s another fantastic opportunity to make connections between our two communities to share experiences of living, studying, and working in different places and systems. The open sessions welcome the public to join a Poetry Slam, led by local World Jam poetry collective, followed by live streaming of a musical performance by our Gütersloh partners. There will be food and a bar available from 5pm.”

The Day of Democracy event starts at Beeston Library at 2pm on Friday 15 September. Further information about the event, including the full event schedule and how to book tickets can be found at

Further information can be found at –

Posted on 14 September 2023

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