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A New Adult Education Initiative

Adult Musical Theatre Courses

Following on from the success of its Youth Theatre groups and productions, Nottingham Arts Theatre is keen to increase its adult education provision.

It is intended that participants will enrol on different musical theatre courses offered throughout the year.

Learning Through Performance

Students will be taught singing, dancing and acting techniques as they work towards a production to be performed in the theatre’s main auditorium.

Working with professional musicians, directors and choreographers, course participants will hone their skills. A professional set, costumes and band will enhance the performance so that audiences fully appreciate the talent on display on stage.


Auditions for membership of the next group project, a production of Grease (adult version), will be held on 13th and 14th May 2023. Performances will take place on 17th-23rd September 2023.

Campbell Kay, the playwright and theatre director, who is Nottingham Arts Theatre’s Education Co-ordinator, said:

“This is an exciting initiative to give adult performers, and novices alike, the opportunity to learn and improve on their theatre skills. Each term’s tuition will be self-contained by being focused on the performance of a modern musical production in front of an audience.”

Posted on 05 May 2023

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