Field of sunflowers with coal mining stacks in the background


Walk in the footsteps of D.H. Lawrence himself to investigate the connection between the author, coal mining and his town of birth, Eastwood.

This aspect of the D.H. Lawrence festival will begin in the Birthplace Museum on 2 nd September 2022. Alongside a free glass of wine, enjoy a free photographic exhibition of the Eastwood mining industry. These iconic images reveal the deeply ingrained heritage of Eastwood’s coalmining past and it’s link to the local arts, culture and heritage in the early twenty-first century. The exhibition is open to the public until the 26th of November 2022. D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum, 8a Victoria Street, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, NG16 3AW.

On Monday evening 5th September, Dr. Andrew Harrison will give an analysis of Lawrence’s short story ‘Strike Pay’. This will be followed on Tuesday morning, 6 th September 2022, by an illustrated talk by former miner Dr. David Amos, who grew up in a Nottinghamshire mining community, later becoming a coalmining historian and academic. He will be exploring the deep-rooted connection between Lawrence’s work, the local coal industry and its community. Later in the evening Malcolm Gray will talk about Lawrence’s ‘Odour of
Chrysanthemums’ reference to Brinsley.

Monday eve: Horse and Groom Pub, Moorgreen NG16 2FF

Tuesday: Eastwood Baptist Church, Percy Street, NG16 3EP

“I always see the Eastwood area as being the spiritual home for Nottinghamshire’s coalmining arts, heritage and culture.”

David Amos

On Wednesday 7th September 2022 join us for a four hour walk (with a lunch break!) looking at aspects of the Eastwood areas connections to coalmining heritage, arts and culture. Starting off at Brinsley Headstocks car park at 10:15am, Mine2Mines Education will be demonstrating the prototype of a digital landscape trail before taking a coalmining heritage themed walk back to Eastwood. After a stop-off for some lunch and taking photographs, we will be taking in Eastwood Hall and Durban House, the latter where Lawrence collected his father’s wages. To round off the journey, please enjoy some tea and coffee in one of the cafés near the D.H. Lawrence birthplace museum.

The Festival Finale, at 3pm on September 11th, will occur at Greasley St Mary’s church, bringing together the history of the mining heritage through the dedication of the workers through hard times and the transformation of those coalfields into the now present landscapes of natural beauty, of which we are stewards.

Posted on 30 August 2022

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