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Local Castle Rock Pub Sets Sights on Net Zero

While the Cop 27 climate change conference is set to commence from this Sunday, the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay is already underway with plans to significantly reduce its carbon emissions across the next 18 months. The aim of these measures is to lay the groundwork for more carbon neutral pubs within the Castle Rock estate.

The Poppy’s cellar has already been fitted with a smart cooling system which draws on cold air from the outdoors rather than relying constantly on air conditioning systems. During the winter, and particularly at night, cold air will be drawn into the pub’s cellar and will maintain the necessary temperature without unnecessarily using energy. The pub is also currently being audited for the fitting of solar panels which would provide significant carbon and energy usage savings.

The solar panels will be fitted to the flat, south-facing roof of the Poppy and Pint and would ensure that, in the face of rising energy prices, the establishment can provide energy efficiency and security for its patrons. This ties nicely into Castle Rock Brewery’s current campaign, #loveyourlocal, whereby they are encouraging people to switch off their own lights and heating at home, and instead come together in their local pub and enjoy each other’s company.

Another serious and often under-represented environmental issue is food waste. Locally the Poppy and Pint is renowned for its kitchen and, keen to explore all sustainability issues, this has prompted internal conversations about food waste reduction within the brewery and pub group. Currently all Castle Rock pubs monitor their food waste however the Poppy and Pint has taken it a step further.

Their food waste is diverted from general waste collections for processing through anaerobic digestion and turned into renewable energy. The waste itself is collected by the pub’s current waste supplier (to avoid unnecessary trips and fuel consumption) and will eventually become biogas which can be used as a source of renewable energy. This may also lead to a reduction in general waste collections and further improve the pub’s carbon footprint.

The sustainability and energy independence of Castle Rock’s establishments is a vital part of the service they provide. The Poppy has had an electric vehicle charging point since 2019 (as has the Embankment by Trent Bridge). For over two decades, Castle Rock Brewery have worked closely with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and are continuously looking at ways they can promote sustainable activities. They are currently supporting their initiative to ‘Defend Nature’ which strives to empower people to push the Government for better legislation to protect wildlife and the environment.

Nottingham has ambitious emission reduction targets and discussions at the national level through Cop 27 show sustainability is the way forward. Castle Rock’s Environmental Executive Freddie Ireland explained that

“If we can keep the lights on, the beer cool, the food hot and our rooms warm, all while limiting our impact on the environment, then we’re doing our job right. These measures are just the first steps to ensuring we continue to deliver high standards in an environmentally friendly manner, and there’s much more to come”.

Posted on 07 November 2022

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