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Redsmith Distillery unveils re-brand and move to 100% recycled glass packaging

Redsmith distillery, like many other businesses has been striving for ways in which to increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint within in its operations.  Nottingham’s first distillery for more than one hundred and fifty years is now presenting its gin in bottles that are not only over twenty percent lighter in weight than the distillery’s previous bottles but are also really special as they are made from one hundred percent recycled glass. The new bottles use less energy to manufacture, handle and ship and their recycled nature reduces environmental impact. Each bottle has a natural cork stopper with a wooden top and is sealed with a shrink closure that is recyclable. Redsmith’s new bottle being made of recycled glass has a greenish blue colour and could be described as having an almost rustic charm with its short choker neck and slight variations in colour along with the occasional bubble or other perfect imperfections.

This move towards a much more sustainable packaging solution has at the same time enabled Redsmith to implement a significant re-brand across the range of classically styled gin expressions produced by the distillery. In order to complete the new look, the label has been completely re-designed in house with the stylised Redsmith R most prominent on the front of the label. Jenny the Redsmith still is depicted in a line drawing on the reverse of the label, and those with eagle eyes will notice a tiny representation of the original Redsmith bottle, a nod to how it all started in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire back in May 2016. Each label bears a handwritten batch and bottle number and is signed by the distiller.

Overall, the new look for Redsmith is a step away from the previous contemporary style into something a little more vintage and traditional looking that is more in keeping with the nature of the distillery’s operation which champions traditional and classic gin styles. The way the distillery’s gin looks may have changed significantly, but Redsmith gin fans can be assured that the award-winning contents have remained unchanged.

Posted on 15 December 2023

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