A photo of Nellie, the african dwarf crocodile at white post farm

Things are Getting Snappy as Crocodiles Come to White Post Farm!

White Post Farm is set to open one of its most exciting developments in its 35 year history. ‘Reptiles of the World’ will be home to the only West African Dwarf crocodiles in the East Midlands*, as well as a host of amazing and some incredibly rare reptilian species.

Over the last few months the Exotics Team at White Post, lead by Martin Vernon (Exotics Manager) Tom Costello (Animal Manager) and Craig Barnes (Exotics Team Leader) have created a brand new bespoke environment for each resident encompassing areas of land, water, opportunities for basking in heat and enrichment, all in a publicly viewable exotic environment.

The exhibit will be open daily and will allow visitors to get face to face with the amazing predators. White Posts specially trained keepers and herpetologists have been relishing the challenge of crocodile husbandry and are now excited to show visitors and to pass on their knowledge and inspire a new generation of reptile fans.

Reptiles of the World will also be home to: Black Tree Monitors, the critically endangered Annam leaf turtles, a host of lizards, dragons and frogs from all over the world, as well as two of the largest species of snake on the planet. This includes a new home for farm favourite, our 14ft Burmese Python, Willow who has been with us for over 15 years.

This is a landmark moment for the Farnsfield attraction and is the continuation of the farms transformation into a zoo. Years of hard work lead the farm to be awarded a zoo licence just days before the first National lockdown. This delayed the project substantially but the last 2 years has seen many new additions in line with the zoo development including the arrival of many new exotic species like armadillos, agoutis, wallabies and alpacas, a cloud rat and a Cape porcupine have all been added to an exciting collection.

*at public attractions.

Posted on 15 May 2023

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